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Ep.27 2023 Trends & Alcohol - The Perfect Pair!

Short Summary

Happy New Year! Do you want to increase your earnings and enhance the guest experience in your short-term rental properties? Today we welcome back Cody Wood to the podcast and we are discussing all the 2023 trends for short term rentals. He will reveal the strategy to achieve improved revenue and guest satisfaction. Plus we discuss what property types were up or down in 2023, why we don’t mind permitting, serving niche guest demographics, and strategic segmenting for optimal revenue.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Learn the latest short-term rental market trends and stay ahead of the game in the vacation rental industry.

  • Understand the impact of permitting on the STR industry and how it can affect your rental property's success.

  • Discover effective pricing strategies for vacation rentals to maximize your revenue and guest satisfaction.

  • Navigate market saturation and competition to find your unique edge in the short-term rental industry.

  • Uncover the benefits of having grandfathered permits in the STR market and how they can impact your property's value and profitability.

The special guest on this episode is Cody Wood!

Cody Wood is a seasoned property manager with a keen eye for spotting short-term rental market trends. With a knack for diving into data and turning insights into actionable strategies, Cody has a wealth of experience in optimizing pricing strategies and navigating the ever-evolving world of vacation rentals. His unique perspective on embracing regulations and capitalizing on market shifts makes him a valuable voice in the industry. 

Action steps mentioned in this episode are:

  • Look over how your STR did in 2023

  • Visit the website for additional resources and insider knowledge to help you gain an edge in the short-term rental world.

  • Subscribe to the podcast for more insider knowledge and to stay updated on the latest trends and strategies in the short-term rental industry.

  • Consider leaving a rating and review for the podcast if you enjoyed the episode, as it helps the show reach more people and provide valuable information to a wider audience.

Short-term Rental Market Trends

Understanding the short-term rental (STR) market trends is essential for operators. Analyzing data, trends, and making adjustments based on them can help operators maintain profitability and competitiveness. Embracing this evolving market dynamic can ensure your success even amidst market saturation and sudden changes.

Impact of Permitting

Permitting processes in the STR market can significantly influence its growth and saturation. Properties with grandfathered permits can gain competitive advantages and can leverage these benefits amid density restrictions. Instead of seeing this as a hurdle, embracing measures like these can maintain market balance, boost positive development, and alleviate oversaturation concerns.

Effective Pricing Strategies

Crafting pricing strategies in line with market trends can help ensure a property's viability and profitability. An adaptive approach to pricing based on seasonality and market demand can optimize revenue opportunities while maintaining high standards of service to guests. Such strategies can help weather market fluctuations and keep occupancy rates high.

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