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Get to know the co-hosts of

The STR Insiders Podcast!

Tracie Fowler


Tracie is Editor-in-Chief at an STR media company as well as Director of Operations and Creative Services at an STR consulting firm. She leads consultations for investors learning to analyze markets, optimize revenue, and architect high level guest experiences. Her team keeps the STR community informed of industry-wide news, events, and education. She combines 10+ years of real estate, property management, and remodeling experience with a passion for supporting local communities through her STR projects. She is currently remodeling two guest houses for STR near Asheville, owns additional STR investment properties in Colorado and Texas, and consults on STR projects nationwide.

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Jacquie Mosher


Jacquie is the president and founder of an STR management and consulting firm. Annually managing millions of dollars in booking revenue, most of her rentals are in the top performing 5%-10% of their markets. Currently consulting on projects nationally and internationally regarding STR set up for functionality and marketability, maximizing rental income, STR good practices/operations and management of 50+ employees/contractors. She has been featured in Business Insider and Springs magazine.

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