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Ep.33 Hiring and Keeping Your Dream STR Cleaning Team

Short Summary

If you're feeling the frustration of constantly hiring vacation rental cleaners who just don't meet your standards, then you are not alone! 

Maybe you've tried hiring from hotels, only to find their training methods aren't suitable for short-term rentals. Or perhaps you've struggled with cleaners who don't follow proper procedures, causing inconsistencies in cleanliness across your properties. 

It's time to shake up your hiring strategies and find cleaners who truly care about maintaining your vacation rentals to the highest standards.

Our special guest is Cody Wood

Cody Wood, an experienced figure in property management, offers valuable insights into the art of sourcing exceptional vacation rental cleaners and nurturing a reliable local cleaning team. With a relaxed and approachable demeanor, Cody delves into the intricacies of hiring practices and emphasizes the importance of continuous encouragement and rewards. His extensive industry knowledge and pragmatic advice make him an invaluable source of guidance for property managers and operators seeking to elevate their cleaning strategies ahead of the impending peak season.

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Streamline your STR cleaning team with an effective training program

  • Build a reliable local cleaning team for your vacation rental properties

  • Motivate your cleaners with a reward system that boosts performance

  • Master the art of hiring vacation rental cleaners with proven strategies

  • Enhance your property's cleanliness with effective cleaner feedback management

Develop a Solid Local Cleaning Team

It’s important to train and prepare cleaners before the busy season, including hiring individuals with the right attitude and mindset, such as students, stay-at-home moms, or single moms. There are different challenges of hiring during the busy season compared to the off-season.

Training and Managing Cleaners

When training and managing cleaners you need to have consistent feedback, a rewards system, and team building activities to ensure continuous improvement and motivation among cleaners. These rewards can be monetary bonuses or non-monetary rewards like prizes.

Hire Cleaners with the Right Attitude and Mindset

It’s important to hire cleaners with the right attitude and mindset, there are differences between cleaners from different backgrounds such as hotel staff and individuals with hospitality experience. There is also a benefit to hiring couples who can provide both cleaning and handyman services for remote properties.

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