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Ep.26 Global Investing Achieved- Nomadic Lifestyle Tips from Airbnb Investor & Author Daniel Rusteen

Short Summary

Dreaming of turning your STR Income into the ultimate travel fund? This week, we're joined by the incredible Daniel Rusteen, who shows us just how achievable it is to build your STR portfolio while exploring international markets and embracing the slow travel movement. And that's not all - our co-host Jacquie will share how Daniel's book, Optimize YOUR Bnb, impacted her career and led her to open a property management company that has generated over $12 million in all-time gross revenue!

Our special guest is Daniel Rusteen

Daniel Rusteen is an accomplished expert in the world of short-term rentals. With a background working at Airbnb and a successful career as an author and blogger, Daniel brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. His book, Optimize YOUR Bnb, has sold over 50,000 copies through word of mouth and sales alone, a testament to its value and impact in the industry. Not only has Daniel traveled extensively as an Airbnb guest, staying over 2000 nights in Airbnb’s in 100+ cities, but he also owns his own rentals and manages a thriving management company. With a focus on international travel, Daniel's insights and tips for successful short-term rental investing and global travel are highly sought after.

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Discover untapped short-term rental markets with promising investment potential.

  • Immerse yourself in authentic experiences and unlock the true essence of a city.

  • Enhance your travels by learning the local language and connecting with the culture on a deeper level.

  • Gain a competitive edge in the short-term rental industry by participating in beta testing and staying ahead of the curve.

Action steps mentioned in this episode are:

  • Consider investing in short-term rental properties to generate income, Danny's book and resources can help you get started.

  • If you're planning to travel long-term, consider the benefits of slow travel.

  • Connect with other travelers and avoid loneliness by visiting touristy areas where you can meet fellow travelers.

  • If you're interested in meeting locals and immersing yourself in the culture, avoid touristy attractions and instead seek out local traditions and experiences.

  • For personalized advice and guidance on your short-term rental business, consider hiring Danny as a consultant or joining his coaching program.

Engage with genuine local experiences Immersing yourself in authentic experiences can lead to genuine connections and unique discoveries that could potentially diversify your investment portfolio. In the episode, Daniel encourages stepping away from the typical tourist spots and delving into the local culture to gain novel insights. By doing so, investors can better understand the community, the culture, and the needs of potential renters.

Capitalize on international investment opportunities Different countries offer diverse opportunities and challenges for short-term rental investors. This episode brings international investment to the forefront, with a special focus on Da Nang, Vietnam. Daniel Rusteen provides valuable insights from his personal experience, stressing the need for thorough research and understanding of the region before investing.

Delve into untapped rental markets In the expanding world of short-term rentals, there exists immense potential in untapped markets. The episode discusses such neglected locations, including the high-rise buildings in Da Nang, Vietnam. While considering these unexplored territories, the importance of understanding local laws, market dynamics, and demand cannot be overstated.

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. 00:04 Tracie Welcome to the STR Insiders Podcast. We share tips for achieving your STR goals. Aha moments, funny stories, and all the latest gossip of this STR life. Listen in as we keep it real and maybe a little sassy, celebrate successes, and own all the mistakes we've made along the way. Whether you're new to real estate investing and new to short term rentals or a seasoned pro, there's something here for you. Jacquie is an STR property manager who consults with individuals looking to grow their own property management firm. Tracie owns STR consulting and media firms that provide education to investors who want to learn all about STR investing. For more information, please visit

00:54 Jacquie You guys all my podcast dreams have come true. Today we have Danny, author of Optimize Your Airbnb and also Profitable Properties. And Danny worked at Airbnb and got started in the short-term rental industry in 2013. He knows short term rental inside out. He also started a well-known YouTube and blog where helps Airbnb hosts around the world make money. Most know Danny from his book Optimize Your BNB, which sold more than 50,000 copies via word of mouth and sales only. And he has his own rentals as well as his own management company. He also travels the world as an Airbnb guest and has slept in more than 2000 nights in Airbnb’s in 100 plus cities. Welcome Danny.

01:37 Daniel Hey, thanks for having me. Yes, spot on. I'm in Vietnam right now, passing my 2009th or something. I lost track around 1000.

01:42 Jacquie Oh wow. That is crazy. I have to say that your book personally has been so impactful for me in my short-term rental career, back when I decided to list my basement on Airbnb, way back in the day, and now I own numerous rentals and a management company which has generated over $12 million in all time gross revenue.

02:01 Daniel Wow.

02:02 Jacquie So, thank you for being such a valuable resource and helping me shape my hospitality views and my perspective as a host.

02:13 Daniel It's my pleasure, but I don't know how much credit I can take of all that, but I guess I'll take a little sliver.

02:20 Jacquie Awesome.

02:21 Tracie Jacquie, really, like you started with his book in the very beginning, right?

02:25 Jacquie Yeah, I think I started in 2013 when I listed my basement. I actually had a different company at the time that I was starting. It was a chocolate company that I ended up selling because I loved doing short-term rentals so much. I think it was maybe a year after your book came out, I found it and I was like, you know what maybe it's time I start taking this short-term rental thing seriously.

02:44 Tracie Yeah. And I would say that to this day, some of Jacquie's principles are very aligned with what you teach and preach. So, some of that really has resonated with her for years and years.

02:57 Daniel That's great. Yeah. Some of this stuff hasn't changed at all. Some has, some hasn't. And I've heard this story a few times and whenever I do, I'm always shocked and happy to hear it, that my little book that this non-author wrote so many years ago actually helped people make money and a lot of times get out of their prior job and get into a new job that they actually liked and enjoyed much more. Not too dissimilar to exactly what happened for me. So, thanks for sharing that. I always appreciate hearing it.

03:25 Tracie The question I have is about an international investing I am planning to buy in Danang. So, I was thrilled when I saw this because I would love to dive into the international investing in general. Part of what we're going to do when we're in Spain is after the rental conference that we're going to, we're going to hop over to Portugal and I'm going to do a little market research one of my other target markets. Just figure out if it's a good fit. But starting from the beginning, was Colombia your first international investment?






So, you're currently in Danang. What do you think about it as an investment opportunity or market?

04:05 Daniel Well, I think you phrased it as you are going to buy in Danang. How far along?

04:09 Tracie I’m gonna try…I mean, he's a citizen, so I don't have a whole lot of expat hurdles. I've done a little research, but the cost of real estate there is much more stable than I imagined. I lived in Bangkok for about a half a year a few years ago and just, I guess, made assumptions based on the cost of living that real estate would be somewhat similar. And it's not, at least in my exposure. So, I'm curious to see what your experience has been like.

04:38 Daniel Usually, I go around, and I look at a few rentals for sale. I didn't do that this time, I'm sorry to tell you, but that's because I don't consider myself a real estate investor. So, I should say that up front. The investment that I made in Colombia is doing better than basically any real estate investor that I know. So I'm not looking to buy, is what I'm saying. If I buy again, it would be someplace that is an extraordinarily good investment. It might be my perception the next place I buy, if it's not in Colombia, it's someplace that I would probably visit various times over various years and be very sure about the market. So, you have a secret weapon, which is your husband. What I noticed here is there is a lot of high rises on the seaside that are empty.

05:31 Jacquie Really?

05:29 Daniel Yeah. Like a lot. Like more than. I've lived in over 100 cities. So, I have good experience with cities. I've never seen so many giant buildings, 30, 40 stories high on the seaside, vacant now. They say that's from COVID and maybe it is, but we're three years in now and there's nothing being constructed there. So that means there's potentially a lot of supply. So, it feels like a really big city here, but it's the same size as a city I just came from, which is Vientiane, Laos. That felt like they're both about a million people. That felt like a town, and this feels like a big city, but it's also, like, kind of empty. There's a strange vibe here, and I don't know if it's because of those buildings, but if those buildings come online in countries like this, typically there's not a lot of STR laws. So, all of them could be STR or none of them. I will say that the STR I'm in now is nice, for sure. There's a lot of good selection here for a decent price. So, I'm paying something around $2,000 for a month for 28 days. There's a lot of positives about this place. The beach is, like, gorgeous, underrated for me. It's perfect. People say it's kind of empty. It's not like Copacabana, Brazil, but it's got plenty of people. There's hundreds of people there, actually. An interesting thing if you come here is I woke up the other day at 05:00 a.m. to go to the beach because I heard that it's packed at four, five, six a.m. And I sas like, I can't believe this. So, I went there and it was sure enough it was packed. There was people out at 05:00 a.m., a lot of people out exercising. There was lifeguards out. They were in the ocean.

07:08 Tracie Weird.

07:10 Daniel Some people were meditating because I think it's hot and humid. I think. So that's why they go out that early. But I don't know why four. I mean, why couldn't you go at five or six? The sun comes up at like six.


Tracie I mean, I guess before your day starts your workday or whatever.

07:23 Daniel It was a crowd that maybe probably was retired.

07:27 Tracie Okay.

07:28 Daniel Yeah. So, they preferred the morning, I suppose. But bringing it back to the real estate, I can't give you a solid read on the market because I didn't go and visit it. The big thing that I would investigate was what are all these buildings going to be in the future? Because that's a lot of residential buildings or short-term rentals potential.

07:46 Tracie Glad to hear from someone who's over there. I was planning to go over there right before COVID Then obviously that wasn't really an option.

07:53 Daniel I was in Vietnam during when COVID started. Yeah.

07:57 Tracie Are you there for personal enjoyment or professional? I mean, I know you stay in Airbnb’s all over the world, and my whole goal is buying properties in places that I want to spend extended periods of time so that I can rent them out and they can cash flow when I'm not using them. So that's what I'm doing specifically. But I'm curious. You're a little further ahead. You're already full Nomad, which I'm jealous.

08:23 Daniel Well, I will say this as well. Anywhere you go, and especially for hosts, like yourselves. Like, if I were to buy a place in Danang, I know I would be in the top of the market because I have the skills to be in the top of the market no matter what market I go into. And so I'm sure that would be the same for you. So, I travel for pleasure mostly. When people hear about, it's very hard for me to explain because no one, I meet very few people who do what I do. Like, oh, you're going to Vietnam. Oh, cool. For how long? For a month. Oh, cool. What places are you going to stay? Oh, Danang. Like, only Danang. I travel, but also not at the same time. So, I'm permanently traveling. So I'm also not doing a day here or two days or three days here. So, I like to go to a city and really get to know it. And in a month, you can get to know a city pretty good. The different neighborhoods. That's exactly my travel philosophy. And I typically stay for a month. The visa works out that way. Gym membership works out that way. Month discount on Airbnb works out that way. So the month really fits my style.

09:21 Tracie I call it slow travel. It's totally my intention too. We're going to Europe and we are going to Spain and Portugal. We'll probably go a few more places, but I have been harassing the girls here and there to look into local traditions. I do not want to be pegged as a tourist every second of every day if I go somewhere and when I'm leaving, because I typically won't do anything touristy until the very end if I'm going to do anything at all. So I might take photos of some places. For example, I was in Amsterdam for a while and was taking pictures of the bar I'd been hanging out in. And the bartender said, what are you doing? I said, well, I'm taking some pictures because I'm leaving tomorrow. And she said, oh, I thought you lived here. And, like, for me, that is the greatest compliment.

10:04 Daniel Yeah, yeah. That happens after about starting around, like, two weeks. People are like, oh, you're here for a long time. That's when you start getting past the, okay, he's not here for, like, a day or two. You should consider reading one of my other books

10:20 Tracie I was just about to mention this.

10:23 Jacquie I've never seen that book before, but when were on your website, I was like, that looks like a book I would read.

10:28 Daniel Yeah, it's a short book. It's much shorter than my other books, about 100 pages, but gives all of my information up to, like, 2019, I think I published here. Yeah. About just, like, travel tips. And I also like to travel, like, museums and these Uber touristy things just give me no interest. The only reason I would go there is to meet other tourists and hang out at night or something. And that's in the book, too. That's like, where would you go to meet people? It's really easy to meet, especially if English is not a first language here or common. You'd go to someplace that's, like, super touristy and you'd meet travelers. And that's how you could avoid the loneliness if you are traveling by yourself like I am.

11:04 Tracie I'm an introvert. I don't get lonely.

11:06 Daniel Me, too. Well, we sound identical. I'm also an introvert, and I can spend an immense amount of time by myself and not feel lonely, which is, I think, part of the reason why I'm successful doing this. But I still feel lonely sometimes. I'm sure you do, too.

11:21 Tracie No, I'm kidding. No, I have a husband, so I can just talk to him. Yeah, he's kind of my anchor. But as far as going out to meet people, I typically will just meet people in the places that either the condo that I'm renting or I'll find a bar or a pub or a foot massage place. I mean, it depends on where I'm at to where I'm frequenting. I'll typically make friends with the people who work there or people who live in my building. Just kind of naturally.

11:49 Jacquie When I'm in a new city and I want to make friends, I'll do like a Airbnb experience, actually. I love some of the bar hopping activities or whatever it may be on Airbnb. I've done some really cool ones. I did one where hiking with goats. That was fun.

12:03 Daniel Yeah, that sounds great.

12:06 Jacquie I did some in NOLA that were so fun too. I did like a history ghost tour of some sort that was also bar hopping at the same time.

12:14 Tracie Are you're noticing a trend. Do you ever see her blaming me for us getting drunk? You heard it here first. She's the one doing all the bar tours.

12:22 Daniel Confirmed. We have it on recording as well.

12:26 Jacquie I usually try to blame her.

12:27 Tracie Yes, every time.

12:30 Daniel Regarding the Airbnb experiences, that's in the book as well, but I use it not only as a cool experience, but also I oftentimes can meet the actual host of that Airbnb experience. I choose the Airbnb experience based on the host. So not one with a million reviews and more than once. Yeah, I've made friends with them, or I've just got their number and I've asked them about the holidays coming up or this and that and been like a good local source that speaks English.


Jacquie Very cool.

12:54 Tracie Speaking of local resources, so I noticed you had been in Barcelona recently, and we are going to be there in a couple of weeks. For over a week we're going to be in Barcelona. So I mean, they're all the standard touristy things. Would love any kind of kindred traveler. Not tourist tips on Barcelona. I made sure that we're not staying right in the middle of everything. We're close to a metro, but we're a little out of the main drag so that we can find our little cafe or Bakery or whatever that I can frequent daily. But I really feel like you probably have the down low on some cool things.

13:32 Daniel I had a friend that I met many years ago in Ukraine, actually. I was there for a month. We met for some time and then kind of lost touch. And then I keep notes on my computer and I remember seeing his name in Barcelona. He's like, reach out if you're ever here. So, I reached out and he was like a cool guy and we ended up hanging out. So he took me to a bunch of spots and I have street that is super local but awesome. It's like a bar hopping street, Jacquie.




13:54 Tracie Local bar hopping. You got both of us in one street.

13:58 Jacquie I love it.

13:55 Daniel Yeah, I think it's called Rockafort.

14:04 Tracie Okay. Yes. I know exactly where you're talking about.

14:06 Daniel You do? Oh, you've been there before?

14:08 Tracie Well, I haven't been to the street. I've just done a ton of Airbnb searches in the last 72 hours, so I'm very familiar with the regions now.

14:17 Daniel Great. So, I thought that was a super cool street that lights up at night and has really unique bars and restaurants.

14:23 Jacquie I'm so excited.

14:25 Daniel Also, when you come to Danang, I had the second best massage of my life. I just randomly walked in there because the place I was going to go was full. And it's blind people who massage you.

14:37 Tracie Yes.

14:38 Jacquie Wait, what? Yep. Tell me more.

14:42 Daniel So I've been to one of these. I've been to one of them in, I think it was Chiang Mai and it wasn't a good massage. I just have to be honest.

14:49 Tracie Yeah, that's where I heard about it first, too.

14:51 Daniel Yeah. So then I went here and I walked in randomly and they happened to be blind. And I was like, oh. I was like, remembering to my Chiang Mai experience. But I was like, I'm already here, let's go do it. And we did it. And it was fantastic.

15:03 Jacquie Wow.

15:04 Daniel Pretty picky with my massages. So, yeah, I can send you that location. So, on my personal website, if I stay in a city for more than seven days, I'll create its own page. And so, it's not a travel guide, it's more so like city notes, just like observations I've made. Sometimes I'll have my favorite cafe or my favorite thing to do. I have what the city is known for. Sometimes I have a map that lays out the different neighborhoods. So, you can search the travels page and it'll have some stuff.

15:33 Tracie Earlier you mentioned meeting up with people who maybe English wasn't their first language. I noticed that you are quite the linguist. How many languages are you up to at this point?

15:43 Daniel No, I'm only up to. I consider myself fluent in Spanish. And then before COVID and the war started, I was learning Russian. That I mostly have forgotten. But there's a lot of Russians, they love beach towns, so there's a lot of Russians, like here, for example. So, I pick up a little bit, but unfortunately, that's mostly gone. And Portuguese, when I go to Brazil, typically I've been to Lisbon, but when I go to Brazil, I re-pick up Portuguese, which is its own language for sure, but it's also somewhat of a dialect of Spanish anyway, so I do enjoy learning languages. And if you like languages, I recommend an app called Anki, A-N-K-I. It's free on Android. It costs money on iPhone.

16:23 Tracie Oh, you just touched one of my other notes. I totally agree. Apple sucks. I miss my Pixel so much.

16:32 Jacquie Yes. One of my favorite videos you've ever posted. I'm like, finally somebody said it.

16:36 Daniel You know what, I'm glad you liked it, but I am so disappointed in that video because my videos don't get a lot of traction. But also, my videos are really niche. This one was general. iPhone sucks. So, it was very general. So, I was hopeful for this video. I found a new video editor. It's edited well. I felt like I presented well. I mean, I had these clips on my phone taken over the last nine months. So, I really prepared for this video thinking that, okay, I could get a million views and I publish it. And it starts off great. The views are going up and up. The likes. When you do videos, you pay attention to the engagement rate, the likes, the comments, this and that. I'm getting comments, I'm getting likes, I'm getting subscribers. The average view time is high. I'm like, oh, I have a good video. It's going up. And then I go to bed at like 10:00 p.m.. Here. But that's like morning time there. So, I'm going to wake up to a million views. And I wake up, and the moment I went to bed, the views just stopped. It was going hockey stick. And then here I went to bed, and then I woke up, assuming it would be like, here, but no. And now it doesn't get, like, any views. And I'm like, that's really frustrating because it's a good video and it's a general video, but yeah, I'm glad I got two extra views.

17:46 Tracie Well, you'll get a few more from this because I'm sure there are a few people who are listening to this that are going to be like, what are they talking about? But I just, I started with Pixel years ago when I was traveling internationally, and it was just using Google Fi or Phi, however you say. It was just so easy to land and turn on my phone and keep going with no need for a chip change or anything.

18:010 Daniel So I did a video in September when I bought the iPhone. I had the Google Pixel for seven years. Before that, I had all Mac stuff. And so, I went back to the iPhone because Google Fi, which is a great service if it works, kicked me off for not being in the US for long enough. So, I'm like, oh, that's disappointing. But that's why I had the Google Pixel. So, I said, all right, I'll get the iPhone. So, I got the iPhone and I made a video the day it came out and that one got a lot of views. I was very excited about it. And then, like a month later, I was in Brazil and I made another video because I was already upset about it. It's so unusable. There's so many extra clicks going on here and there. I just tried to use my, it's called the continuity camera, which is uses this as a webcam. And it didn't work today. It's like, why? It worked yesterday. What did I do? I didn't do anything. I went to bed and I woke up and it didn't work. Tested it yesterday before I went to bed. So, I made that video, but it didn't get much traction. And then I made this next video, which I really prepared for it, documenting why I'll be going back to the Pixel. And most people who use iPhones are like, oh, no, the pixel sucks. It's all about Apple. I was like that, too. But that's just because you haven't used the Google Pixel.

19:14 Tracie I've used both. My husband is in tech, so he's an Apple guy through and through for security. And every time I have a problem with anything, it's because I'm on Windows or know it can't be anything else. It's because I'm not using superior technology. So, when I was due for an upgrade, he convinced me to go back to iPhone because I've had Mac, I've had iPhone before. It's not like I don't know the ecosystem and I hate it. It's driving me crazy. And I can't wait to drop this phone and need to replace it because I miss my Pixel.

19:49 Daniel Yeah. You'll notice I have no case on my phone.

19:57 Tracie I don't have any glass protector on mine either, so when it shatters, it's trash.

20:01 Jacquie I have a question. Do you journal in other languages?

20:06 Daniel Oh, in other languages?

20:07 Jacquie Yeah. Fun facts on, guys.

20:10 Daniel I don't journal in other languages, but I do journal. And I have been journaling since I was in 7th grade.

20:18 Jacquie That is fascinating.

20:20 Daniel You really dug into the website. Wow.

20:23 Tracie Yeah. If you published it, we know.

20:25 Daniel Wow.

20:27 Jacquie It's our job.

20:28 Tracie That's right. We take this seriously.

20:29 Jacquie And honestly, I've read your book, but I had no idea who you were until last night.

20:37 Daniel Yeah, I went over this with the program participants the other week. It's like, people think of me as, like the STR, if that's where they've known me from. But it's like a little sliver of what I do, actually.

20:47 Tracie I mean, that's fair. All of us, right? It's your day job and what you're passionate about, but it doesn't necessarily define you and certainly isn't encompassing all of you.

20:58 Jacquie It's what funds your hobbies and your fun, which is what STR really should be and is for a lot of people.

21:06 Daniel Yeah, but some people, they turn it into a full time job where they're dealing with guest issues all the time and this and that. It seems very stressful. I don't want to do that.

21:16 Tracie Same. Agree.

21:18 Jacquie That's what I did. Oh, no.

21:20 Tracie Well, it's a work in progress. There's an automation plan that you've got that you're implementing it.

21:26 Jacquie I had this memory of you being a chef and maybe writing a book about it or having videos about it, and then I couldn't find anything on it, and I was like, did I make this up?

21:36 Daniel No, you didn't make that up. I am not a chef. I think a chef is, like, a professionally trained person. I'm not professionally trained, but I have been cooking for myself and gotten pretty good at it since I was in high school when I wanted to bulk up, cook myself some chicken breasts. Now I've gotten a little more advanced, but I do have some videos on it. I don't have a book. I don't think I have a blog on it, but I have read some books on it. So, if you went to my digital bookshelf, you’ll see some books, some cooking books, I've read a few videos that would be. And then on my personal Instagram, if you were to follow me there.

22:06 Jacquie That’s probably where I saw it. I was starting to wonder if I was crazy, because I was like, I swear I've seen Chef videos.

22:15 Tracie It's all right. Jacquie's just low key revealing herself as a fan.

22:21 Jacquie Your biggest fan! Just kidding. Sorry!

22:24 Daniel Do you cook?

22:25 Jacquie I do cook. I used to be a chocolatier. That's why I think it kind of stuck out to me a little bit, because I used to be in the food industry and I ran a company. We had a few chocolate shops and shipped nationwide and produced a lot of chocolate. And I started my Airbnb on the side when I was starting the chocolate company to kind of fund the business for a year or two there and realized at some point that I enjoyed hospitality way more than running a retail food business. Switched over to Airbnb full time.

22:58 Daniel Interesting. A chocolatier.

23:00 Jacquie My kitchen manager actually now works for me as one of my listing managers too, which is so funny. She moved from making thousands of chocolates a week to now managing Airbnb’s too.

23:14 Tracie Sabrina can do anything, though. She's magic.

23:17 Jacquie She's superhuman. I really work for her.

23:20 Daniel Hopefully, she's not listening to this either. It's hard to find these people, though, these people who you work well with and who do a good job, typically on their own. Yeah, keep her around. And if you don't send her my way.

23:31 Tracie No, Sabrina is not going everywhere. Jacquie would die!

23:35 Jacquie Jacquie would never. She's mine for life. I would die. I would light my business on fire and walk away. She's been with me for almost ten years. And even in the toughest times, just knowing that she's there has been such a support to me and that we're in this together.

23:51 Tracie Yes. She's the best. We love Sabrina. She's actually in one of the episodes, actually, early on.

23:57 Jacquie It's one of our highest listened to episodes.

24:00 Tracie Top performing episodes is with her listing manager Sabrina actually.

24:05 Jacquie Yeah.

24:05 Daniel Interesting.

24:06 Tracie Who has no following, no marketing, no social. It's just because she's awesome.

24:11 Jacquie Yep.

24:13 Daniel I'll have to go back and dig into the archives there. Maybe I pick up something.

24:16 Jacquie It's a funny episode too. We talk about the alligators and all the fun Airbnb experiences.

24:22 Tracie We have the Florida state bird, the cockroach. Talking about managing expectations, actually, and how to do it in a fun way.

24:33 Jacquie Thank you for joining us and hanging out with us. I do. However, I don't want to end this without you offering a promo code.

24:41 Daniel So STRIP will give you if you would like and your listeners 50% discount off of my program. You'll provide a link as well. It's like an extension of my book. We're going through all the concepts in the book, plus some more. Like my vacation rental market analysis. You get access to a forum where the members are where I am, and you get some free goodies as well. If you're going to buy some stuff on the website, being a program participant, you get some free stuff. You also get some bonus stuff. I give away some free audiobooks. The PDF guidebook. I test it with the group participants, give a few versions away to improve the product. So I hope to see many of your listeners come and join us.

25:18 Tracie That'll be great.

25:18 Daniel Yeah.

25:19 Tracie So you're basically using your program participants. Not using, but you're letting them do some of the beta testing while you're doing the market research so they get first crack at some of your new material before it's even publicly available.




25:34 Jacquie Yeah, I think I'm going to sign up.

25:36 Tracie You might see us first, but thank you for giving all of our listeners a 50% discount code. Have a great morning in Vietnam and we'll talk to you soon!

25:47 Daniel Okay, thanks so much.

25:50 Jacquie If you enjoyed this episode, we'd be so grateful if you rate it and reviewed it. Also, Subscribe! Subscribe for more Insider Knowledge. We can help you get the edge in the STR world. You can find additional resources for your STR journey as well as our social media handles at


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