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Ep. 10 Stacey St. John's Secrets to Thriving in the Short-Term Rental Industry

Short Summary

Stacey St. John is an inspiring example of how embracing continuous learning and fostering a supportive community can lead to success. She is a multifaceted entrepreneur with a wealth of experience in marketing, advertising, and short-term rental management. Equipped with a global consulting background, Stacey has honed her skills in understanding target audiences and crafting strategic business approaches.


As the founder of the Female Short-Term Rental Investor Facebook group, she has fostered a collaborative space for like-minded professionals to share knowledge and support each other's growth. With a passion for continuous learning and teamwork, Stacey brings her expertise and positive energy to the STR industry, inspiring others to embrace the journey and have fun along the way.

In this episode, you will learn to:

  • Enhance target audience communication skills for impactful short-term rental listings.

  • Embrace continuous learning and collaboration as the key to short-term rental business success.

  • Discover techniques to achieve work-life balance and positivity in the entrepreneurial journey.

  • Adapt to industry changes by leveraging innovative technologies

The Importance of Community in Short-Term Rentals

Building a strong community is crucial for success in the short-term rental (STR) industry. A supportive network of peers can be invaluable when navigating challenges and seeking advice from others who have faced similar situations. Surrounding oneself with successful people can lead to accelerated learning and a more fruitful entrepreneurial journey.

In this episode, Stacey St. John highlights the power of a supportive community, particularly for women in the STR business. She has helped create such a space through her Facebook group, Female Short-term Rental Investors, which offers a positive atmosphere where over 36,000 hosts can share their knowledge and experiences. In addition, Stacey also runs the Short-Term Rental Virtual Summit for Women and The STR Sisterhood podcast, which further fosters collaboration and empowerment among STR entrepreneurs.

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