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Ep 3. STR Myths Debunked: How to REALLY make more money with your rental

Short Summary

Are you a property owner looking to make the most of your rental income?

Don't believe the myth that the more people you can sleep, the more money you'll make. Cramming more people in your rental actually increases the likelihood of a bad review, liability, and wear and tear without the guarantee of greater income.


In this episode, you will learn the secrets to unlocking optimal revenue and busting the myths that keep your business from succeeding. From investing in the quality of your space to understanding local regulations, we break down the key components of ensuring a safe and pleasant experience for your guests while maximizing your earnings.

"Money does not always work out. I tracked it for a whole year and it didn't make much difference"

In this episode, you will learn the following:

1. What the most common myth is surrounding Airbnb properties

2. How Airbnb hosts can ensure that their guests have a luxury stay

3. What safety measures Airbnb hosts should take to ensure they are not legally liable

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