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Ep 6. Bougie on a Budget: Part 2 - Do’s, Don’ts, and Hot Takes!

Short Summary

In part 2 of our interview with Jenny Yi, we are discussing the do’s, don’ts, and some controversial options for furnishing a luxury property on a small budget.


Jenny Yi is an experienced designer and investor in the hospitality space, specializing in creating unique luxury experiences on tight budgets. She is the creator of her own hospitality-specific bedding line, which focuses on products that are easy to use and maintain. Her products are used by investors, designers, and property managers, giving them the luxury of not having to worry about basics.

"If you constantly think about what people book and why they book in the unique experience, you naturally rule out certain things that you often see over and over again in people's homes.”

In this episode you will learn:

1. How to think differently when decorating for STRs

2. How to think creatively within a budget

3. How to automate the process of refreshing products over time

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