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Ep.25 Don’t be Creepy, Stop Watching Your Guests

Short Summary

In the world of Short Term Rentals, cameras can be instrumental in keeping your property secure, but let's not forget about our lovely guests and their right to privacy. We'll let you in on how to keep your property safe without making your guests feel like they're being watched 24/7.

In this episode, we'll let you in on how to strike the perfect balance between security and privacy. Learn how to use your cameras responsibly, without making your guests squirm!

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Understand the importance of disclosing recording equipment to maintain trust with your guests.

  • Learn how clear communication about camera monitoring can enhance guest satisfaction and privacy.

  • Discover effective strategies for dealing with problematic guests, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for all.

  • Explore practical uses for security cameras beyond just monitoring, such as property maintenance and theft prevention.

  • Find the perfect balance between privacy and security in your short-term rental, keeping both you and your guests happy and safe.

Clear communication about monitoring

Proper disclosure of monitoring equipment is an essential aspect of hosting short-term rentals. Hosts must clearly convey their use of such equipment, discussing its orientation, purpose, and what exactly is being recorded. This fosters transparency and trust between hosts and guests, mitigating potential misunderstandings or concerns about privacy invasion.

Balancing privacy and security

Managing privacy and security in short-term rentals demands a delicate equilibrium. On one hand, hosts must ensure their property is secure, which can necessitate the use of security cameras. On the other hand, it's essential to respect guests' privacy, avoiding constant monitoring and emphasizing the limited use of cameras for safety purposes.

Practical uses for security cameras

Security cameras aren't just for preventing theft or damage; they can also provide practical oversight in other areas. For instance, they can assist in confirming the state of the property after a guest stay, overseeing yard work, or monitoring cleaning services. They serve as a facilitator in managing the property rather than a constant surveillance tool, aligning with the overarching principle of prioritizing guest privacy.

Action steps mentioned in this episode are:

  • Thoroughly disclose your audio and video recording equipment on your Airbnb listing.

  • Make sure to disclose your recording equipment in both the initial setup prompt and the written disclosure section.

  • Communicate specifically where the cameras are facing and what they capture, including motion and sound.

  • Emphasize that the cameras are not monitored 24/7 but are checked as needed and routinely.

  • Avoid watching the cameras all the time, as it can lead to unnecessary stress and potential misinterpretation of events.

  • Use cameras to check on yard work, snow removal, and cleaning services.

  • Only watch cameras during guest stays if there are concerns about parties or unauthorized guests.

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