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Ep.20 How to Slay STR Themes: From Alpacas to Potatoes

Short Summary

Does this sound familiar? You've been told to simply list your rental property online and wait for bookings to flood in. But instead, you're left with empty calendars and disappointing occupancy rates. The pain of pouring your time and effort into your vacation rental, only to see minimal results, is all too real. It's time to discover the true significance of standing out in the competitive short-term rental market!

In this episode, interior designer and vacation rental owner Shanna Eilers gives all her tips on how to transform properties into unforgettable experiences by incorporating themes.

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Unearth how memorable guest experience, shaped by compelling interior design, propels success in short-term rentals.

  • Get insights on how a unique design theme can be a magnet for various guest categories.

  • Decode the importance of differentiating yourself in the highly-competitive short-term rental market.

  • Register the benefits of incorporating premium quality and amenities, as inspired by top-tier hotels.

Shanna Eilers is a visionary interior designer with a heart for making spaces feel like home. In 2018, Shanna switched gears from commercial to residential design, and since then, she’s been helping clients make over their homes and vacation rentals. Her unique approach lies in her ability to blend function and aesthetics, producing results that always leave everyone in awe. Apart from being a sought-after designer, Shanna is also a vacation rental owner, giving her an edge in understanding how to elevate the guest experience through thoughtful design.

“I try to put myself as if I'm going to stay there and if I could go over the top of it, what would I want from it?” - Shanna Eilers

Action steps mentioned in this episode are:

  • Model amenities from higher-end hotels to differentiate your rental from competitors.

  • Avoid the middle ground and find a unique theme or design concept for your rental.

  • Look for local inspiration in your city or state, such as architecture, nature, or local attractions.

  • Leave room to breathe and avoid overwhelming your rental. Dilute the theme by incorporating it in small decorative elements like artwork and color accents.

  • Use patterns and colors that complement your theme, even if they may not seem obvious at first.

  • Find unique and fun touches to incorporate into your rental, such as life-sized games or themed artwork.

Transformative Design Themes When it comes to transforming a property, the design theme plays a significant role. An impactful theme builds upon the local environment and the property's architecture, rather than merely chasing popular trends. This gives guests a one-of-a-kind experience, increasing the property's appeal and differentiating it from others.

Unique Guest Experience In the short-term rental industry, the uniqueness of the guest experience is a major determinant of success. This includes providing amenities that add comfort to a guest's stay, incorporating personal touches inspired by the owner's aesthetics, and sharing local, off-the-beaten-path activities.

Competitive Edge in the Market In an industry characterized by stiff competition, standing out is key. Vacation rental owners can accomplish this by prioritizing a unique guest experience and transformative design themes. By understanding the latest trends and taking inspiration from high-end hotels, hosts can continue to innovate, effectively compete, and increase occupancy rates.

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00:04 Tracie Fowler Welcome to The STR Insiders Podcast. We share tips for achieving your STR goals, AHA moments, funny stories, and all the latest gossip of this STR life. Listen in as we keep it real and maybe a little sassy, celebrate successes and own all the mistakes we've made along the way. Whether you're new to real estate investing, new to short term rentals, or a seasoned pro, there's something here for you. Jacquie is an STR property manager who consults with individuals looking to grow their own property management firm. Tracie owns an STR consulting and media firms that provide education to investors who want to learn all about STR investing. For more information, please visit

00:54 Jacquie Mosher Welcome to The STR Insiders Podcast today, we have a good friend of mine and also my interior designer, Shanna from Ashby Road Studio joining us today. Shanna, welcome!

01:06 Shanna Eilers Hi. Thank you so much for having me. I'm so excited to be chatting with you guys.

01:09 Jacquie Mosher Yeah, we're so excited to have you. Do you want to tell us a little bit about your business?

01:13 Shanna Eilers Yeah, absolutely. So, I come from a commercial side of design, but I recently, within the last three years, opened my own business and switched over to the residential design. So, I focus mainly on helping homeowners and vacation rental owners breathe new life into their properties, whether that's smaller projects like just decorating living rooms and bedrooms, or larger projects like kitchen and bathroom models, home additions, basement buildouts, things of that nature.

01:35 Jacquie Mosher Awesome. And you own your own vacation rental, is that correct?

01:39 Shanna Eilers I do. My husband and I started that in 2019, and that was a really fun and interesting time for us.

01:46 Jacquie Mosher One of my favorite things about working with Shanna is she really gets what a vacation rental should be and creating the guest experience with her interior design. What do you enjoy most about outfitting short term rentals?

01:58 Shanna Eilers I think for me, it's the guest experience. I travel often and I really love when I feel taken care of and I feel like I'm almost at a second home where everything is there. I don't have to go searching for something or I figure out a creative way to do something I'm trying to do, like cooking in the kitchen. People are taking vacations because they want to spend time on themselves and enjoy maybe a new place they've never been before or a new city. So, I really love giving the guest experience and trying to go over the top with it, making sure they have amenities and the design is amazing and it's comfortable and it's cozy and it's warm and friendly. And being able to share my city and the things that I love doing and the stuff that's off the beaten path with other guests is so big for me. I think it's huge and gets people to really immerse themselves into a new place in a way that is totally different, too.

02:44 Tracie Fowler One of the things that we're seeing in different areas, and it's I think part of the reason that prompted this episode, is that lots of hosts are struggling with lower occupancy right now. There's a lot more inventory in the area. There is some pullback in demand in some areas. Some are still doing better. So, it's kind of a toss up there. But I think it's mostly the people kind of what I consider in the middle. Either budget rentals are doing fairly well right now, or your higher end, really built out properties are still doing well. But the stuff in the middle where you're kind of blending in with everybody else, that your listing engagement is down and you're dropping down the search results as a result of that lack of engagement. We understand that you can't just put something up, put Ikea furniture in, and it's just going to start making you money. There was a moment when that was possible, but it was just a moment. It's not all the time. And so, we're always looking at those unique things.

03:51 Shanna Eilers It started out where people were renting out their homes and it was a new experience of being able to rent out a home versus staying in a hotel. And so, it was anything and everything. People could just throw their old grandmother's couch they inherited in the living room and just make sure there was enough things and people would stay there. And then more and more people came along and developed and made it much more of an experience. As I think what we all think of it now is it's more of an experiential thing with so many people seeing that, experiencing that, they're like, I want to do that too. And now it's just so many people are into it, which is really cool, but there's a lot of people who don't really care. They just think they can like you were saying, Tracie, think they can throw some furniture at it and make money, and they're going to pay off this house and be rich and crazy and incredible. But there's so much competition. How do you stand out? How do you make the difference of you versus the 20 other people in the same area that you're in, or 50 other people.


Tracie Fowler

Or thousands in many markets?

04:46 Shanna Eilers Yeah, I think it's a way for people who are really, truly interested in it and willing to invest in it, to spend the extra time designing, thinking of what they can do to make their specific property different and stand out among the rest in so many different ways. Whether that's design, whether that's a theme, whether that's amenities, whether it's a combination or a unique location, I think that's really going to set them apart from other competitors.

05:09 Jacquie Mosher Yeah. Thinking back to the J Scott episode that we just did Tracie, you know J Scott had mentioned there was a huge swing towards short term rentals and after COVID, and now it's kind of balanced out in the middle some people have kind of returned to hotels. And if that's our big competitor, it's how do you compete with our big competitor hotels? What do we offer in short term rentals that hotels don't? And I mean, creating that experience and using a theme and with additional amenities, really differentiating yourself against hotels is a really great way to go and building a brand around your rental.

05:42 Tracie Fowler Yeah, big time. Like my last one, though, I just launched a property in Florida, and it's a larger house. So I will say that typically I prefer smaller units because I think they're easier and more agile in that particular market. It's what it took to really make the numbers make sense for me long term. So having a fun learning experience of serving ten plus guests versus four, and it's a very interesting difference. The other side of that, to Jackie's point about competing with hotels is that now I have a property that does enough in nightly rates, in annual revenue to where I can justify a lot more fun little things.

06:25 Tracie Fowler For example, yesterday was my birthday, and I got some of the games that Jackie and I put into units. I pre-tested them all with family before game night at a friend's house yesterday. And I took Throw Throw Avocado, by the way, Jackie, over to my friend's house last night. We were in tears. We were laughing so hard. It was hysterical. So, Throw Throw Burrito is basically the same game, it's a different version. And they have a life sized one of throw burrito. I have a pool cam to make sure my water level stays up so that the pump isn't damaged. And so, I just happen to have this random picture of two teenage boys holding full size burritos chasing each other around the pool.

07:10 Shanna Eilers Yes. That's amazing.

07:14 Jacquie Mosher That is so funny.

07:16 Tracie Fowler And no hotel has life size throw burrito.

07:21 Jacquie Mosher That's right.

07:22 Shanna Eilers Or would allow that. They'd be like, no running, don't do that.

07:26 Tracie Fowler Insurance company, please don't listen to this episode.

07:31 Shanna Eilers Cover your ears.

07:34 Tracie Fowler But it's just an example of having life size games is something that hotels and cool bars are doing these days. And it's easy for us to copy that inspiration or to have these different lounge spaces. Like, my pool has, like, big, huge cabanas around it because I really did want to go for a luxury resort experience. And I try as much as possible to take my inspiration in terms of amenity as well as quality from higher end hotels. Using cotton linens on the bed is another example of that. So, yeah, I think competing with hotels is a great way and learning. I mean, the hotel industry invests billions into their research and development. Take advantage of that. We don't have to recreate every single wheel.

08:21 Shanna Eilers Yeah. Look around at inspiration in your city, in your state, in the architecture around you, in nature. There's so many ways you can just pull inspiration and dial that in. Maybe it's an artwork from your favorite local artist and it has these really unique colors or textures or materials like use that or nature the different colors that you can see in nature, like downtown. Maybe in some of the smaller downtowns or older downtowns that have the really colorful, unique exteriors that are all just side by side and kind of take inspiration from what's around you. I think that's an incredible way to do it or see what others are doing and either do it and make it better or use it in a unique way and try and do something different with just some thoughts that come to you from seeing that and experiencing that.

09:07 Tracie Fowler Let's say that you've got a property already and you're trying to figure out what inspiration or which theme to choose. How do you decide which one to choose?

09:19 Shanna Eilers For me, it kind of goes a couple of different ways. I'm in Colorado, so a lot of places out here do, like, the cabin theme, do a lot of wood, do a lot of nature themes, which that's great, it makes a lot of sense. We're in Colorado, but then everyone's doing it. So, if there are ten of you that are doing the same theme, maybe it's best to look at something completely different. So in that aspect, like Jacquie, one of your previous rentals was in an Adobe home. So looking at the architecture and kind of taking that into account and how can we create a theme around what this architecture is presenting us? And so going with more of like a Santa Fe kind of desert Scandinavian vibe to really accentuate what it's already has going on, I think is a really unique way to do that and testing out what's around you, going on airbnb and see what is around you, who's putting the time and energy into the design, into themes. And try and steer clear of some of those. If there's a ton of them and go in different directions, like, we're the Olympic city, could we do something with that? If you have Victorian home or if you live on the coast or near a zoo or just the local attractions, local things that people are coming here for and experiencing that can maybe be different than your generic, like, okay, I live on the ocean, so I'm going to just do kind of that coastal theme. Or I live in the mountains. I'm going to do like the mountain timber wood theme, kind of thinking outside of the box a little bit and trying to pick something that's not already been done a thousand times.

10:41 Tracie Fowler Definitely.

10:42 Jacquie Mosher I love this. And actually, I have a rule for Myrtle Beach owners, which is a funny rule. The number one rule that I have if I'm going to manage your rental in Myrtle Beach is that you're not allowed to use the color blue, because when you scroll down the airbnb feed, when you are scrolling down the feed of rentals, it is all blue and white, all of it. So I am like and you can achieve a coastal theme. If you want to do a coastal theme, fine. But you can achieve that using other colors, like use sunset colors. Use something that's going to pop out in the feed. When somebody's scrolling and they see something different, they're going to click it. So, keep that in mind while you're putting together your branding around your rental.

11:28 Shanna Eilers For sure. Yeah, absolutely. And even fun elements, like you kind of tapped into the alpaca cactus idea of the desert and Santa Fe vibes. That is so fun. And you don't have to go over the top and make every single thing a cactus or a certain animal or whatever it may be. Just do it in small doses, and it's fun.

11:46 Tracie Fowler You're actually touching one of the things that were about to ask you. How do you achieve a theme without being tacky?

11:53 Shanna Eilers Nice. Yeah, that's a great question. I've seen some that go way over the top, and sometimes it works, but I think diluting it a bit. So maybe bringing it in the artwork or the colors, just smaller things like planters, like, little pieces here and there. Don't cover every single thing in the house, in the property with that theme. Leave room to breathe. Leave room to just actually be open and free of theme. But those little moments that are here and there that relate to it, I think are great. Just nice touches that aren't over the top.

12:25 Tracie Fowler I love that. Leave room to breathe.

12:27 Jacquie Mosher I actually loved how you did that with my alpaca themed rental. So, Shanna has decorated a rental for me. I picked an alpaca theme mostly because it's an Adobe home. I love alpacas. I think they're like one of those animals that there's not a well, maybe there is a single person, but most people can't help but smile at an alpaca. Right.

12:49 Tracie Fowler Who doesn't love alpacas?

12:51 Jacquie Mosher Exactly.

12:52 Tracie Fowler If you think that alpacas suck, I want to know, because I want to know why.

12:57 Shanna Eilers Write in and let us know.

12:58 Jacquie Mosher One of the things I loved that you did, Shanna, because I was so worried that it would be right, like, and I wanted it to be done well, and I wanted it to feel clean and somewhat modern and just, like, really well done. And what I loved was that you pulled in some patterns and colors that really fit well with an alpaca beam. Which I know sounds kind of weird. But I swear I was like, yeah, that bright blue color really does go well with alpacas. And then, like, those desert colors, you cut up the greens and the gold, and I'm like, wow, how does this feel so alpaca like? But there's only one alpaca in this room. It went really well.

13:36 Shanna Eilers Yeah, it was so fun, too. I mean, the little details that you can kind of just relate to those and yeah, the Alpaca like the one that's in your dining room. I think it's so funny. I didn't even plan it. But when people sit, like, I think you had mentioned when were kind of walking through it, people sit at the dining table and it's right behind their head, and it's like the little Alpaca ears and face, like, peeking right out.

13:59 Tracie Fowler It's amazing. One of the first episodes we recorded, I was staying there. I was like her pre launch guest, and we did the episode with the Alpaca behind me, and so we actually have, like and she's sitting across the table from me, but so we actually did like an Alpaca goodbye on that episode because I had these ears the whole episode.

14:23 Shanna Eilers It was so cute.

14:24 Tracie Fowler I can only imagine doing zooms.

14:26 Jacquie Mosher I've had people take a picture of themselves and tag themselves on Insta, too, with the ears, and I was like, People are discovering our little hidden secret. So, I kind of want to dive into these rentals you did for me, because you've done these two rentals for me. I have two Adobe's. One is like, the main house and one's a cottage out back. And we did the cottage out back in the Alpaca theme. It's really, like, fun and bright. And then we did the house out front, the main house, we did that in a Cactus theme. And what I have found is the Cactus theme is working against me. And the Alpaca theme might be one of my most popular rentals. People are loving the alpacas. Every single review brings up the Alpacas. They just love this Alpaca thing. It's getting phenomenal reviews. My Cactus rental is so bougie that I'm getting all these Instagrammers and these people with really high expectations coming, and they are knocking me down with their expectations.

15:34 Tracie Fowler Jacquie is the five star property manager. Anytime she gets a four star, she takes it really personally.

15:41 Jacquie Mosher Those are the nights I cry.

15:43 Shanna Eilers Yeah, it's like four should still feel good, but it doesn't.

15:46 Jacquie Mosher I love the Cactus theme, and that rental is gorgeous, and I love every little inch of that house. One of the things were talking about that I wish I had kind of thought about before is really envisioning who you're hosting and who you're attracting. When you're attracting really fun people who are looking for a casual experience, like an Alpaca themed home, you're going to get better reviews. And if you're attracting those Instagrammers who are there for the picture, those people have higher expectations and are harder to please.

16:17 Shanna Eilers Yeah, big time. I think that's so important to consider. And I can even relate to the theme you pick. Like, you were saying that who is going to be staying in your property and who do you want to attract? Who do you want to be dealing with on a regular basis? Do you want those really high class, really luxurious people and provide this out of this world experience? Or do you want it to be more fun and relaxing and enjoyable? And is it going to be families? Is it going to be couples? Is it going to be friends traveling together? What demographic is going to be staying with you? And how can you think about their experience? What they're going to want to see and feel like and enjoy out of a property? And like you were saying, the alpacas. It's such a fun thing that in our homes, in our day to day, there's a lot of places that are more sophisticated or more designed to the T. Whereas in rentals and in this experience where you're only going to be traveling for a few days, you can really throw yourself into this really out of the box, unique moment and enjoy it. And people want to experience that, don't always get that in their day to day. So, a vacation is a perfect opportunity to dive into that and just immerse themselves in this crazy, weird experience or theme or vibe or whatever it may be.

17:21 Tracie Fowler I use the Idaho Potato STR on Airbnb a lot. Nice example, because people are like, I show them the outside. It's like a big potato sitting in a pile of dirt. Right?

17:33 Shanna Eilers I would totally stay there. Exactly.

17:36 Tracie Fowler It's like, if you can rent out a potato for $150 a night in the middle of nowhere in Idaho in the winter, you can do anything you want.

17:43 Shanna Eilers Exactly.

17:45 Jacquie Mosher Have fun with it.

17:46 Tracie Fowler Right? I'm staying in the potato today. I'm not going to live here, but I'll stay here for a night or two.

17:52 Jacquie Mosher I'm kind of curious to hear what other themes Shanna has done.

17:57 Shanna Eilers There's one I'm working on right now in an art district. So we're kind of leaning into the color palette theme because there's multiple units and trying to make each unit almost like a different color. So that altogether, it's this wild color palette and embracing artists and things and local artists and things of that nature to really accentuate this property and make all the different units unique so they're not competing against each other and hopefully attracting people, creating an experience that's a little bit over the top, that they wouldn't necessarily live in or spend months in. Definitely have done the mountain theme. That's definitely one I've done a few times out here, unfortunately. Well, not unfortunately, they're still fun, but there's a lot of them. So, I try to steer people away from that as best as possible. But sometimes it makes sense. Like, if there's an aframe in the middle of the mountains or the woods, yeah, it makes maybe sense to lean into that. And it could be more of a rustic vibe or maybe more of a modern, bright, cozy, warm feeling. Some bohemian. A lot of people really love bohemian. And I think there's a tricky balance between hosts and owners that want to use the property themselves and want to have it reflect their personality and their aesthetic and also attracting guests. Sometimes with those properties, it's kind of melding. How can we take your aesthetic and make it unique and different and attract other people? Besides just your aesthetic.

19:17 Jacquie Mosher What are some budget friendly ways to add a theme to an existing property?

19:22 Shanna Eilers Accessorizing. So, you could do that with artwork. You could do that with plants or books or pillows or throw blankets, like all the stuff that people want to cozy up to or make the house feel more homey. Those are, I think, are the details that you can add. So maybe the croc in the kitchen where the utensils go, maybe that could be a fun color where you hang coat hooks or things of that nature. Maybe they don't have to be just a generic coat hook, but they're in relation somehow to your theme. Just little touches that don't cost a lot, but thrown kind of around in different areas of the rental, I think, can really start to take on that theme and bring out different colors, different patterns, different textures, different whatever that represents the theme can really showcase what that is without having to buy new furniture or major ticket items.

20:09 Jacquie Mosher I am all about wallpaper and murals.

20:12 Shanna Eilers Yes, absolutely. Preach.

20:14 Jacquie Mosher Tell me all the things.

20:16 Shanna Eilers I love them. People are so mad about wallpaper. They still think of the old school crappy, gross wallpaper that is hard to get off the walls. That's all they can imagine. But it's come such a long, long way. And the patterns are amazing and phenomenal, and you can get peel and stick wallpaper so it doesn't have to be permanent and it doesn't have to be super expensive. Or murals, hire a local artist to come in and just make this, like, an Instagram moment, a really cool spot in the home or in the yard that is super attractive and fun and unique and expresses your theme or expresses something about the city or the environment that you're in, I think. Oh, I'm obsessed with it. I think it's an awesome idea.

20:59 Tracie Fowler Agreed. So, I have the new house, and it had a huge white wall because it's a completely private pool. And I just had an artist come in and draw, like, a tropical jungle palm leaves all over it. And this bright pink wasn't supposed to be a flamingo, but that's really what it looks like flying. It's a different type of bird that's like a local bird, because that's one of the things I try to do, is bring in local wildlife and nature tidbits into different parts of my space. So, I love doing those types of things and trying to, again, create a unique experience that's tied to the local area. It's my lead photo on my listing because the pink pops out so much. And it is the one comment I get from anyone, whether they are looking at it online, whether they are like a vendor or someone that's there on site, they walk into the pool area and they're like, whoa.

21:54 Tracie Fowler I heard people talking about it through my security cameras when I'm not even there. They're talking about that mural. So, I don't think you can overstate the impact that a really good mural or wallpaper in a bedroom or a living area for really that wow factor. It's changed my entire house.

22:12 Jacquie Mosher An indicator that you have won the theme game. People are taking pictures of themselves at your property and tagging you. Yeah, make it happen. Create instagram moments.

22:23 Tracie Fowler Free advertising.

22:25 Shanna Eilers Absolutely.

22:25 Jacquie Mosher Instagram walls are great, but also create those Instagrammable places all throughout your Airbnb. One of the things that I do as part of branding around my Airbnb, which I don't know if you ever saw, Shanna, I have these magnets created with our Instagram handles on them that guests can take as a memory for their stay.

22:42 Shanna Eilers Oh, I love that.

22:44 Jacquie Mosher People are going to hopefully remember their time at the Alpaca house.

22:47 Shanna Eilers Absolutely.

22:48 Jacquie Mosher What other branding ideas would be great for our listeners to hear?

22:53 Shanna Eilers I like to do a lot of thoughtful touches for people. So, like, if you're making a book for ideas of what to do around your city, making that not just generic white printed out sheets, but leaning into your brand, bringing in those colors, bringing in the pattern. Something that's just consistent throughout. So, it's not just when you're booking and on your listing with your photos and your verbiage and your copy, and not just when you get there and experience the theme and all the little details that you're adding. Go over the top and do a little bit more to make it stand out and be different and be a part of your brand.

23:22 Jacquie Mosher What kind of great experience added items do you think of adding to rentals?

23:29 Shanna Eilers I think like you said, games are huge. Card games, board games, but even outside, like cornhole yard games, hula hoops, especially with families like kiddos can enjoy, can keep them occupied when parents are trying to get something done. Doing books, I often find that in our Airbnb, people will leave their books that they've read and take one to go. It's always being swapped out or added to and I think that's really fun for people. I have some brochures for some local experiences that I think are pretty unique and also make your home feel like a home. Have all the things that you would have at home that you maybe don't touch all the time, like maybe puzzles, cooking utensils so that the family can all cook together and enjoy their time together and don't feel like they have to go out to eat all the time because stuff is missing. So many different ways.

24:13 Jacquie Mosher So what I'm hearing is anticipate their needs and their entertainment.

24:19 Shanna Eilers Yes, absolutely. Try to be ten steps ahead.

24:22 Jacquie Mosher One of my favorite Airbnb reviews I've ever received literally said, don't worry about bringing A, B and C. And they even anticipated this, and this. The only thing you need to bring is your underwear. They've got it all.

24:38 Shanna Eilers Yes. That's amazing.


Tracie Fowler

At least one shirt. Maybe some pants.

24:45 Jacquie Mosher A toothbrush, I actually don't provide toothbrushes. Yeah, they were like, they have it all.

24:51 Shanna Eilers That's amazing.

24:53 Jacquie Mosher If you could leave our listeners with any one piece of information today, what would it be Shanna?

24:58 Shanna Eilers My biggest thing when I start to think about a project is I try to put myself as if I'm going to stay there, and if I could go over the top with it, what would I want from it? What would I want it to feel like? What would I want it to have to be able to experience my vacation with or my time there with? How can I go above and beyond, like Tracie was saying, those little unexpected nuggets that are just going to set people over the moon that they aren't expecting to get, but you can offer them and just blow their experience out of the water.

25:26 Tracie Fowler How can our listeners connect with you?

25:28 Shanna Eilers You can find me on Instagram at Ashby Road Studio. I'm also on Facebook under the same handle, or visit my website at

25:40 Tracie Fowler Thanks for coming on like it was super fun and come back anytime.

25:45 Shanna Eilers Oh, my gosh. And thank you guys so much. And thank you for popping my podcast cherry.

25:52 Tracie Fowler It was our pleasure.

26:02 Shanna Eilers That's what she said.

26:06 Tracie Fowler Okay, I'm ending this now.

26:09 Jacquie Mosher If you enjoyed this episode, we'd be so grateful if you rated and reviewed it. Also subscribe, subscribe for more insider knowledge, we can help you get the edge in the STR world. You can find additional resources for your STR journey, as well as our social media handles at


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