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Ep.11 Don't Let the Bedbugs Bite: Strategies for Keeping Your STR Pest-Free

Short Summary

Do you find yourself unsure of effective measures to address pest infestations? Discover the power of effective pest control in this episode to take back control of your properties and ensure a pleasant stay for your guests.

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Master the skill of handling bedbug infestations in short-term rentals for happy guests and stellar reviews.

  • Discover the power of diatomaceous earth in keeping your properties pest-free effortlessly.

  • Implement inconspicuous snap traps to keep your rentals rodent-free and maintain a pleasant experience for your guests.

  • Master the art of proactive communication in challenging pest-related situations to maintain trust and satisfaction.

  • Unlock location-specific pest prevention techniques to maintain a seamless experience for guests across properties.

“If you're cleaning your space frequently and keeping it clutter-free, that means that cleaners are going to notice it quicker and figure it out.” - JJacquie Mosher

Dealing with Bedbugs

Dealing with bedbugs in short-term rentals can be a significant concern for property managers and hosts. These tiny pests can cause discomfort to guests and may lead to negative reviews or even potential liability. Quick identification and decisive action are essential in managing these infestations while ensuring guest satisfaction remains a priority. A proactive approach with routine inspections and monitoring for bedbug presence will minimize the risk of more serious infestations. In the episode, Jacquie sheds light on how to handle bedbugs effectively by determining their gender and age with the aid of pictures provided by the guest. This information is crucial, as it enables hosts to take the appropriate measures, such as moving the guest to another space and utilizing perimeter treatment with diatomaceous earth. Jacquie also highlights the fact that bedbugs can come from various sources and stresses the need to address any potential entry points.

Handling Infested Mattresses

An infested mattress can be a challenging issue for hosts to manage, as the need to address cleanliness and comfort concerns can sometimes conflict with the desire to minimize costs and waste. It is important for property managers to recognize that handling infested mattresses may require a combination of treatment methods and preventative measures to ensure continued guest satisfaction. As explained by Jacquie, removing a mattress may not always be necessary. Instead, using bed bug encasements to protect the mattress and washing all affected bedding could be effective in containing the infestation. Ensuring thorough routine cleanings can help prevent future incidents, and property managers should be sensitive and responsive in dealing with any guest complaints related to infestations.

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